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“The expression a woman wears on her face is more important than the clothes she wears on her back.” 
-Dale Carnegie
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October 2011

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We've Launched a New Site!
The founders of Haley Madison magazine are excited to announce the launch of their latest venture www.HipModernMotivated.com (HMM). Created to highlight New York City’s female entrepreneurs, Hip. Modern. Motivated. will serve as an online community for women to connect and share resources with one another. HMM will also dish on the latest fashion and beauty trends.

For the October premiere, HMM highlighted four hip, modern and motivated women. Collectively these women work in television, radio, non-profit, event production and branding.

  • Muhammida El Muhajir – Brand Strategist + Event Producer, Sun in Leo
  • Catherine Green – Executive Director, ARTs East New York
  • Ashlei Stevens – Co-host, Time Warner Cable's Born to Shine
  • Dee Vazquez – Co-host, HOT 97 & Sirius/XM Satellite Radio                                       
Beat The Heat
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There’s something fancy and debonair about leaving the salon with bouncy, full locks. But there’s nothing fashionable about paying nearly $60 to get your hair blown out every couple of days...
Extending Your Blowout
Watch Beyonce's 1 +1 music video
Style Radar-
Fashion Diary -- It's Getting Steamy!

Check out what Beyonce, Kim k, Rihanna and  Blake Lively wore this month!

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5 Eco Friendly Accessories We Love
De-Clutter Your Space
A clean home says a lot about a woman. Her halo shines as bright as her kitchen counters. With everything neat and organized, her company can’t help but to be comfortable in her humble abode. However, what is easy to some women, isn’t easy to others...
Backstage at NYFW

They all have a unique and inspiring story... read more about them here

About: Hip. Modern. Motivated. (HMM), is an online community for New York City women to share ideas, interact and learn about one another’s creative and professional endeavors. HMM’s goal is to curate a network of women that support, inspire and lend resources to one another. Whether these women are in fashion, finance, the arts or education…we want to meet them, and more importantly we want our readers to know about them. Their stories will be brought to life through in-depth interviews with HMM’s curators, Mia Able and Tye Renwrick formerly of www.haleymadisonmag.com.